Juleah EP

by Juleah

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Songs written and recorded by Julia H. between November 2011 and February 2012


released March 26, 2012

Julia - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion instruments.

Drum Programming, Mixing and Mastering by Emanuele Navigli of PC/MQ Productions: www.facebook.com/pages/Pc-Mq-Productions/304462702949374



all rights reserved


Juleah Austria

One-woman-psychedelia from Austria.

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Track Name: What Soulmates Do
Babe, I got a surprise for you
When you come home from work
All my things will be gone
And I'll tell you reasons that might be wrong

Furballs treated with so much kindness
Good natured as you are
You gave me love, care and security
It's fine but that's just not enough for me

As certain people say
It's best for you
If I act this way

Well okay, we've been together
For a hell of a lot of years
Soulmates, and you never hurt me
But what that worth, anyway?
Times change, baby

I've burnt all connections down
Over night and secretly
Not one more word I will adress to you
And my family acts as if they never knew you
Track Name: You Believe?
You can't see it coming
All you know is just a mask
It goes downhill from here
With no exit from the path

You believe?
Then you got a lot to lose
You'll find
All promises broken
You trust
But you don't get a chance
To turn in
Before the last word is spoken

No advice can save you
You don't live but you survive
All you believed in is shattered
How can you stay alive?
Track Name: Prima Facie Loser
There's a treasure
It never leaves you
It don't cheat and it don't lie
Survivin' yet the day you day

The game is decided
Before it was started
But there is not a thing to prove
No self-reproach
Nothing to lose

Karma leads some to the light
It leads some to the light

And so you hide it
Into a corner
It does matter what you do
It all keeps coming back to you
Oh this conscious
So very tiring
Oh what a pity, what a shame
It don't just vanish, all the blame
Track Name: Wavesliding
You're a flash
You're a sign
Waking things
Demonic and devine
I can feel
Your spirit enclosing me
Releasing and curing me

How can I withstand you?
Have to, but I'm failing
No on can give us absolution

So take me wavesliding
Tide riding high
All our fears subsiding
The gleaming in your eyes
No way to hide
It is in your hand so taste it
In your hand

It is how you look at me
I already know
You are a part me
Time will lead to our fate
When I'm with you
Time's infinity