Melt Inside The Sun

by Juleah

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upstreamprovider Great recommendation from YouTube. I am now hooked on this amazing psychedelic muse. It all sounds so familiar yet so amazingly fresh. More soon, I hope! Favorite track: Covers And Shells.
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mrjimmy Heard this on a youtube playlist and couldn't get it out of my head, what a wonderful ear-worm! I went on to check out other tracks and now (later the same day) have all the albums and a new bandcamp account! What an amazingly talented artist, I'm so impressed! Favorite track: Beautiful For You.
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"[...]Powerful songwriting and superlative performance are combined with a musical aesthetic that is completely compelling.[...]" (Review by Floorshime Zipper Boots:


released May 29, 2015

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Julia Hummer between January and October 2014.
With help of Rene Sela, who contributed: Mixing and Mastering of tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9, organs on tracks 4 and 6, additional drums on track 6, mellotron on track 9, advice, patience and motivation.
Thank you! :)



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Juleah Austria

One-woman-psychedelia from Austria.

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Track Name: Melt Inside The Sun
You hit me in my back with your arrow
You poisoned it before you shot it off
You're hiding like a coward in the shadow
But in secret I know, I know who you are

I gotta push it away before it squeezes my heart
I gotta push it away, it's a trigger for all my pain
I gotta lay it aside, send them feelings out there
Gotta shoot 'em to space, let them melt inside the sun
Melt inside the sun

You're sending me right down into depression
You hit your target downright perfectly
You're whirling my balance into struggle
You're goal's to bring me down
But I won't, I won't let you
Track Name: Wild Machine
Back in ancient aeons, I was lazin' all along
Not that there's anything wrong with lazin', but it was all I did and it got me down
I let go of sluggishness, had enough of being tired
Pulled myself out of a coma, they said, you gotta be kidding, right?

Yeah the system started moving, the sweat was breaking loose
It's a rush of adrenaline, get rid of them worn out shoes
It's a transformation, my mind is shaped anew
Joyful weariness is my reward, and the wild machine I turn into

So touch your sturdy shoulder and the strentgh along your spine
It's so tight the flesh beneath your skin, it's worth it anytime
The fruits are pretty priceless, nevermore I'd trade 'em in
The old road will lead you nowhere, never give in

Your pace it don't know mercy, to accelerate
Your pulse it don’t know contradiction, it will obey
Your weaker self, it's battled constantly
Your body, treat him well, it's a vibrant beast and a wild machine

So brace up and use the golden sunshine
Move your asses up and run towards the skyline
Track Name: Covers And Shells
As soon as I turn and face the light
I'm craving to disappear
Observed I fail in anything I try
At stake's the shame and disgrace that I fear

All the words, they fail me
I'm daunted by anticipation in your eyes
All the shields they hide me
They hide the true determination of my life

It's been easier
To tell you a lie
You've been deceived by aching covers and shells
I feel like a player
And I fight and defy
Wanna leave this arena
But go in and out, in and out

My thoughts they're travelling in a vortex to the sky
And then I'm totally blank
Juice of fear is pushing through my skin
I can't escape and close my eyes

I can't help to tell you a lie
But I tell you, it's dragging me down
I don't wanna tell you a lie
The fear, it's crippling me
Track Name: Strom Aus Licht
Ein Strom aus Licht, der nie versiegt
Reist ohne Hindernis
Was du schickst verwandelt sich
Wenn es trifft auf mein Gesicht
In acht Minuten durch das All
Ohne Hindernis
Was vergeht, verwandelt sich
Wird zu Wärme im Gesicht

Liegst schweigend in Unendlichkeit
Du schwebst im schwarzen Raum
Ein Strom aus Licht, der nie versiegt,
Bahnt sich seinen Lauf
Du ruhst in der Unendlichkeit
Du schwebst im schwarzen Raum
Nimmst zwei aus deiner Umlaufbahn
Auch Nummer drei kann nicht entfliehn'

Auch der Dritte muss verglühn'
Zwei aus deiner Umlaufbahn
Auch der Dritte wird verglühn'
Track Name: Beautiful For You
I tell you a secret
I want you to see
To see and feel and breath
What's moving me
I'm blissfully floating
Wanna share it with you
While you help me to find
Some missing pieces of my mind

Will I dare to show you
To be exposed to your gentle loving gaze
And can I unfold my treasure
The sonic bliss
Want you to follow me into
I wish I could enthrall your soul
I'll make it beautiful for you

I'll show you this flower
I picked it for you
And sweet euphoria
Is rushing through my veins
I wish I'd find find a way
To make you comprehend
While we travel in time
To the twilight of my mind
Track Name: On A Float, Together
We're talking 'bout the wind
And those water rapids in my way
You told my why I'm seasick
And I wonder if it's just me

Or did you notice too
That by now we're sitting on a float, together
Or is it just my delusion
We're driftin' on this river together

Within me there's a mess
It's in every corner of my thoughts
I feel you can see it too
But the confessor's role is mine

Just yet it hurts inside
To let you come closer to me 'cause it must end
I know you'll have to leave
And you'll dismiss me out into the open sea

Did you notice too
That by now we're sitting on a float, together
Or is it just my delusion
We're driftin' on this river together
Don't claim you didn't notice too
That we're on a float, together
Don't take away my delusion of us
Driftin' together

I let myself be fooled, even if I knew better
I let my heart, my heart be taken
Somehow it'll stay forever
Track Name: To Miss
Can't help my thoughts
They move 'round you
And when you're gone
What am I to do?

I miss you so, I feel like cryin'
Pain won't show, bottled up inside
Don't wanna wait, it's far too long
Too long to stand for anyone

Your eyes they shine upon me
Your caring radiates
I surrender to addiction, free my heart from pain
I know what took possession
Don't wanna let it go
And I hang on your every word

The tears won't come, when they should flow down in a stream
Can't talk to you, just meet you in a dream
I slide on air and, and I smile
All the things you said, they won't leave my head

Your eyes, they'll keep on shining
Your care will radiate
I'm addicted, I'm enchanted
And I, I fight the shame
I know what took possession
Hits my core right to the bone
My head sways in obsession
There's no rest
Track Name: Sommertraum
Ertrink mit mir im Rausch
Versink mit mir im Meer
Leb den Sommertraum
Im Meer aus Liebesrausch

Ertrink mit mir im Rausch
Versink mit mir im Meer
Leb den Sommertraum
Oh leb ihn ganz mit mir
Ertrink mit mir im Rausch
Versink mit mir im Meer
Leb den Sommertraum
Im Meer aus Liebesrausch

Halt mich
Küss mich
Track Name: Love Psychosis
So now it's over, I'm tired and wasted
I just cannot let you go
I wrote a letter of eighty pages
The things unsaid that couldn't pass my lips

All I wanted was to put the virus
Put the virus in your head
All I long for is for you to touch me
Oh I want it, I want it bad

I want to believe
What I believe to know
You've been the seducer, honey
And I gladly melted in your hands

Take away just one component
Of my shiny house of cards
It's in my mind, it's out of love
Now watch it collapse and break apart

I gave you all of my devotion
I turned my soul outside for you
My feelings fill a thousand oceans
It's just not enough, it's just not enough

I want to believe
What I believe to know
You've been the seducer, honey
And I gladly melted in your hands
I'm desperate to believe
I'm desperate for your love
You inflamed the fire, honey
And I confessed my heart out to you