Shimmering Road

by Juleah

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The songs for this album were written and produced between June 2012 and April 2013 in my "home studio" in Austria.

Read an album review by Nathan Ford ("The Active Listener") here:


released April 15, 2013

Julia H.:
songwriting, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, long-neck Bağlama (Saz) on tracks 4, 6 & 9, vocals, percussion instruments (shakers, tambourine), harmonica on track 8, drum programming, programming of various other instruments, mixing & mastering of tracks 1, 7 and 10

Many thanks to Rene S. who contributed:
electric guitar on tracks 2 and 6, organ programming on track 2, drum programming on track 4, mixing and mastering of tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9


all rights reserved



Juleah Austria

Neo-psychedelia from Austria.


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Track Name: Dandelion Tattoo
You don’t talk to me
It is a drag
I’m not here to entertain you
All day long

I don’t know what’s to come
But one thing’s for sure
I gotta leave this place
For good

There’s one thing to cool me down
Eternal cycle goes around
The old is dyin’ for something new
Seize the light that’s shining through

A symbol gleamin’ like a creed
The breeze is carrying it’s seeds
It stands for reinvention too
My dandelion tattoo

My heart’s been sendin’ signals
I’ve been sick of this rat race
For so very long

It feels queasy
But there’s no other way
I gotta set my sails
Off to new shores
Track Name: Spirit Flowing On
Around the corner you will go
And fifteen thousand doors will show
You will slide down a wicked lane
Of insecurity
And a basket full of pain

Wildly shakin’ are your value’s shapes
Your judgement of today is tomorrow a mistake
Have you been the master, the master of your fate
Lift it up from the floor
Always goin’ straight

A big car’s not what I want
I got my coffee and my chocolate goin’ on
A big house is not what I need
I got my tunes
I got my spirit flowin’ on

Down the stairwell you will go
And fifteen thousand bolts will glow
No one takes your shoulder’s weight
Take it, lift it, don’t berate

What is it that you’re livin’ for
What lets you float above the floor
What is it that takes you ahead
It’s not wealth, it’s your joy instead
Track Name: Oceanride
Take him
On an oceanride
Is left behind
You make peace
With all of your sins
Before you’ll erase them
Your arms will turn into wings

Time’s what I’m chasin’
Till the end
Everlasting inner peace
Transcendin’ on

For the consciousness
Leavin’ mantles
Aspirin’ bliss
I treat you
With sweet tenderness
Fortune endows me
The joy of recurring carress

Time’s what I’m chasin’
It’s gonna be slow, gonna be slow
I chase it down the stream

It's what I'm chasin'
It’s gonna be slow, gonna be slow
I chase it ‘round the isle
Track Name: Guiding Lights
Disclose your meaning
Art of life
I’m waiting for your blisterin’ sign
No one traces your delight
Till the final passage shines

It’s devotion
That keeps you on course
Guiding lights
Slowest motion
Aligns with your source
Of your mind’s inspiration

In a wheel of
Confusion of life
Guiding lights
You can lean on
What never dies
Let it blast your mind
Track Name: Imprisoned
Get out
Dancin’ on the highway
You’re free
Follow me on this way
It’s dark
Don’t take away my black shades
Take away
The palisades
Help me
I can see the decay
What has been
Must fade away
You’ll see
I will find a way out
Leave me
Endless draggin’ torture

We have waited
Our lives were standing still
We have acted
Our wishes
They will fulfill

Our corrupted perception
Will be given back
Our free will’s imprisoned
It will rise ahead

Get up
And push those doubts aside
Your fears
They’ll no longer hide
You dig
For your spine’s remains
While I feel weary and in chains
Self-delusion’s what you want
That’s not here for me to stay
I run and run and run
To see the end
Of disbelief and hesitation

While we have waited
Our lives were standing still
While we have acted
Our wishes began to fulfill
Track Name: Learn To Love The Sun
I’m standin’ at this mountain’s feet
Seek healing for my life’s deceit
Along the path the ground is dead
Weary my heart and every step
The notions that I preconceived
Are bound to shatter in the grief
My chest feels loopholed by a gun
My being blinded by the sun

I let them go
All destructive forces
I and I alone
I am enough

With every step the weight declines
Still in haze the bottom line
Beside the ally now at length
The blossoms flourish like my strength
I gotta set up new beliefs
And from above the birds can see
That I’m no longer on the run
Became a lover of the sun

I’m embracing all enlightning forces
Track Name: SXB
I wasted
Some thousand hours

I went on drinkin’
Out of the luscious seas

I’ll be
Shielded by a force
As long as you keep me company
I’ll be guided by your hand
As long as my feet will carry me

I’ve been sleeping
During these precious hours

I followed wanderin’ through
These shimmering fields
Track Name: Town Of Abidance
When you wonder
How to go through the fire
If you asked me I’d say
I beg ya
Never quit to aspire
Becoming more than you are

You thought it was truth but it’s all an illusion
Reinvention grows out of confusion

In the town of abidance I was born without a spine
Moving towards the sun
My spark began to shine
In the field of tediousness
I could not find my flower
Now trace me to the village of serenity
Within the hour

For ages
You’ve been exposed to a liar
The course of time will show you
How to
Straighten and phrase your desire
Unveilin’ what you are
Track Name: Purple Beach
The seagull’s flyin’ past the clouds
The voices from within cry loud

I don’t know what was flyin’ by
Too mellow is my state of mind
I’m lost in total entity
My enquirin’ mind
It sets me free

The eagle’s flyin’ past the scene
Perceivin’ what you’ve never seen
Track Name: Anticipation
Where’s the feelin’
That takes me higher
Where’s the fever
Supposed to vary my mind

Watch the stars in the sky
The fume is risin’ up high
I’ve been excluded till now
So unfold, my sensational ride

I’ve been waitin’
For chills, so sweet and sublime
I’m still waitin’
For getting closer to you

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